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Digital Artist


Digital Artist


It takes shape as you create freely and as you wish. The unknown collage art that even you cannot predict what will be created until it is completed.

2021. With a little curiosity of "what would happen if I tried to give shape to the vivid and free world in my mind", I started self-taught digital collage art, which continues to this day.

When making collage art, first select one photo and cut it out.
After carefully looking at the cropped photo, I choose another photo based on the image that comes to mind, and try cropping it out again.
Repeating this process of combining multiple images creates a new worldview that even I could not have imagined.

The thrill of the heart at this moment never ceases to stir my creative spirit.

Miracles unique to digital art often occur.
When an image is selected from an image folder and downloaded, it is automatically and randomly placed on the artwork, often in surprisingly good positions, and the chance of the image being placed in a wonderful position that one had not thought of on one's own often leads to the creation of a new idea or a new work of art .

Thank God for digital miracles!


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