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Kat Furtado

Kat Furtado



Kat Furtado is a contemporary artist from San Diego, California. She specializes in abstraction and creating ethereal, expressive art for eclectic spaces.

Because art is visual story-telling, Kat knows that non-verbal communication can be just as effective as any written or spoken word. Painting is an opportunity to share the way she sees the world with others.
Before she was an artist, she was a Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP). SLPs are healthcare profes-sionals who use their unique skillset to help people communicate needs, wants, and ideas effectively and efficiently. It isn't a surprise then, that she deeply values communication and human connection.
Her career as an SLP continues to inform and inspire Kat to make art that feels alive--far more than just paint on a page. She works to capture raw emotion and layers upon layers of warmth and story-telling. Her work revolves around universal experiences, emotions, and even the most mundane mo-ments in life (which can be easily overlooked but should not be).
Her artwork reflects her passion for small, unexpected moments and her personal, lifelong search for serendipity and wonderment. Her hope is that, in seeing her art, you feel seen, heard, and validated--and maybe that someone, somewhere, sees the world in a way you do too.


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