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With my childhood

With my childhood



Title: With my childhood
Year: 2021
Size: 25.7cm x 72.8cm
Technique: acrylic paint, color pencil and glitter glue on brown paper.

I was born in Japan and lived there for 9 years. That time is full of memories of watching baseball with my father. My father is a fan of the baseball team called “Hanshin Tigers” and so am I. This piece is about my loyalty & love for “Hanshin Tigers”. I grew up with the Hanshin Tigers. It’s like in my blood, in my bones. I always watch baseball matches on TV and never go watch them at the stadium.
So I promised my father that we will go to watch at the stadium someday but I lost my father. This piece is like my feelings of love, loyalty and pain that burst out from me and melt. I still and always love “Hanshin Tigers”. I miss my childhood and my promise with my father.

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