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Soulful feel of nature
Suvarna Dheringe

Soulful feel of nature



Title: Soulful feel of nature
Year: 2018
Size: 14”X20”
Technique: Watercolor on handmade paper 300gsm

“This painting reflects my imaginary space and It indeed looks like an unknown landscape in the form of a painting. In my space, one can see me floating freely, the viewer gets mesmerized when they not only see but also can experience it. The painting takes the viewer to a different world. Here, I ex-press myself with bold watercolor brush strokes with spontaneity. In some of my paintings, one can see storms and rain and different faces of nature, giving you an experience exactly how the nature touches our soul but for that matter you need to just get into that experience while looking at the land-scape like this. My paintings are an expression of my sensitive mind. I must say that once you look at my work, you can feel the free flow of colors: this way the rarest spontaneity has born through my soul to release inner expression of my life experiences into the artwork.”

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