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Ohne Titel - 1
Quynh Klaus

Ohne Titel - 1



Title: Ohne Titel - 1
Year: 2021
Size: Available prints in 40 x 40 cm - 80 x 80 cm - 120 x 120 cm -140 x 140 cm.
Technique: Mixed media. Tailor-made artworks as a real photo print behind acrylic glass, limited edition.

In this, the immediate, everyday, and present experience — is IT. Therein lies the entire and ultimate point for existence of the universe. It is essentially playful. When thinking of life by analogy with a journey or pilgrimage, there is always a vision of a serious purpose at the end, and the thing is to get to that thing at the end. But we might miss the point the whole way all along. The point that it is about “play“, about being “in the moment“. It is a musical thing and we are supposed to sing, dance or paint while the music is being played. This artwork is still missing a “title“ - it is a manifestation of play of the subconscious mind and looking forward to meeting your conscious perception and creative contribution for it to receive a name within the context of this exhibition at M.A.D.S. Art Gallery.

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