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White.. is light..
Michael the Colorist

White.. is light..



Title: White.. is light..
Year Completed: 2017
Size: 100 x 100 cm
Technical: Mixed Technique, Acrylic and plaster on canvas

Gestures and materials appear on an informal painting. Bold brushstrokes become a combina-tion to express the author's emotional and psychological sensations. Strong features link the thought of the Colorist to a maturity and as in the headlines of a newspaper, a poster or an ad-vertising billboard, a word, a text appears. Rich in meaning, the painting outlines the color "White" intended as the maximum expression of Color and Light, thus appears a transcribed phrase: "White is light...". It is no coincidence that white is formed by the sum of all the colors of the electromagnetic spectrum and is a color with high brightness. His conception of color that becomes the main vehicle of a contemporary painting that attracts the observer making him participate in the work itself.

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