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Yuka Matsuzaki

Yuka Matsuzaki



Born in Kitakyushu City, Fukuoka Prefecture,Japan
Graduated from Kumamoto Prefectural Daini High School, Department of Fine Arts
Graduated from Saga University, Faculty of Culture and Education, Fine Arts and Crafts
Started working on pet paintings when a friend asked her to do one for him.
Sakura Craypas "Exhibition for Everyone" Grand Prize in the general section
Group Exhibition
2019 Group Exhibition "Sweet Pastel x Spice Vivid", AAA GALLERY, Kanagawa, Japan
2020 Group Exhibition "Bunka Geijutsu Ten", Hilltopia Art Square, Tokyo, Japan
Group Exhibition "The World of Ikimono Ya" Central Park Annex, Aichi, Japan
2021 Group Exhibition "NATURE I" GALLERY ART POINT, Tokyo, Japan
2022 Group Exhibition "NATURE 2022" GALLERY ART POINT, Tokyo, Japan
Group Exhibition "SOUSOU - Creation x Imagination" Tokyo Metropolitan Art Space,
WEB Group Exhibition "Shimotsuki Exhibition - Winter Coming" Nihonbashi Art,
Nihonbashi, Tokyo
2023 Group Exhibition "ART POINT Selection I 2023" Tokyo GALLERY ART POINT
I draw mainly animals and plants.
They cannot speak, as a matter of course.
Instead, they may appeal to us through their moods and expressions.
I feel this and express it with the soft but strong texture of the crayon crayon.


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