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Mickaël Deshayes

Mickaël Deshayes



Mickaël Deshayes is 37 years old. He lives in Normandy, France, in the Manche (Mont-Saint-Michel). He has studied graphic communication (printing). Since childhood, he loved art in all its forms and he really like photography, he practices theatre. He started training to become a pro-fessional clown actor in 2018.
He really likes abstract painting and he decided to take the brushes in 2017. It allows him to relax and escape. He’s a self-taught and he paints on weekends and during vacations. Before painting, he thinks a little about the choice of colours, he does a little meditation, relaxation with music. He looks at photos of nature, planet seen from space. He makes his paintings by listening to music from film soundtracks. Sometimes, he has a great desire to paint, like a desire for chocolate, ice cream ... He has a lot of ideas in mind, but not enough time to realize them. He likes to paint on large formats.

Artist Statement:
“As for the work of clown, the painting, in my opinion, needs to let go so that the work is interesting, while respecting certain techniques”.


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