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Sandra Molines

Sandra Molines



I am self-taught art since my childhood, the artistic world has always interested me.
When I was a kid, I used to draw a lot, and when I was a teenager, I studied fuzzy sewing and created a wedding dress with which I won first prize in art.
I am a nurse, having always had a great interest in art, I decided to devote myself to my passions.
I’m interested in all arts; I like to work on all subjects. Art has the virtue of relaxing me, of realizing me, my ideas and feelings are seen through my paintings.
I express my emotions on the canvas.
I hope to convey through my works, the well-being I feel when I create them.

Some of my works are exhibited in restaurants-galleries in the south of France.
I want to continue to show my art in various exhibitions at the international level.
My canvases are varied, colorful, abstract or figurative, fluid, striking, they mix several types of mate-rials. The woman is often represented by her voluptuous forms, I like to show the beauty of the female body, its generosity as well as its power of seduction.


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