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Rieko Kameyama

Rieko Kameyama



You can do whatever you want no matter how old you are. I hope I can make this happen and give someone hope for life.

1989 Graduated from Joshibi University of Art and Design
1991 Graduated from Setsu Mode Seminar She wanted to make a living from painting, but she felt that it was difficult to make a living from painting at that time.
Since social media wasn't as developed as it is today, I believed that only people with luck, connections, and special talent could live such a life.
I gave up on becoming a painter and became a hair and makeup artist.
In 2017, I met someone who taught me the cosmic truth that ``you can create your own world.''
In 2021, I remembered a dream I had given up on a long time ago and started drawing again.
After exhibiting my paintings at exhibitions and having people look at them, I realized that people were stopping in front of my paintings and feeling something.
People shed tears, people receive messages, and people feel invisible energy.
I am often asked, "What was your intention when you drew it?", but I don't have any particular intention in drawing it. However, when people look at my paintings, they receive messages from their deep souls.
It is important to each person and the message that is within that person.
I don't think I draw unconsciously either, but rather by touching something deep within my heart.
Therefore, if you try to draw well, you will fail. I feel a strong will in the paintings that were created by chance.
This may be accessing a deep unconscious level of your subconscious mind.
Those who observed this painting must have accessed a deep level of their subconscious mind and received a message.
Art has such power.
Art is closely related to people's lives. By spending time with art, we return to our true selves, awaken to our true selves, live the hopes and dreams that so many people live, and when we begin to create our own futures, the world changes.
I'm sure it will be rich and full of love. It is with this desire that I would like to share my paintings with the world.
I decided to use my abilities to help this world move toward a more peaceful, kinder, and more loving future than it is now.
I am currently 55 years old. In Japan, many people give up on their dreams or stop doing what they want to do as they get older.
You can do whatever you want no matter how old you are. I hope I can make this happen and give someone hope for life.


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