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Forestpainting 025
Forest Paintings

Forestpainting 025



Title: Forestpainting 025
Year Completed: 2021
Size: Original Media: Foam board sized 70cm(h)x100cm(w). Media available on sale: Digital Printing 70cm(h)x100cm(w) & 50cm(h)x70cm(w) / Customized size option available by acquisition of High-Res File 5408px / 3600px
Technical: Painting over Photography

The whole process for every of my painting is divided into three phases, all of them essential and critical for the creation of final work: (1) Photography work process – (2) Digital Painterly Treatment – (3) Final Derivative Painting. Photography Work Process … involves all set of actions from the original shot taken at proper condition of environment in terms of right timing for lights and colors, plus the right place for composition of each frame. The knowledge and smart use of the camera settings, filters, and other photographic gear are key points together with shooting on RAW, which allows me more flexible actions of image editing and assure the high quality of the photograph as a good base of each painting. Digital Painterly Treatment … is the process I follow afterwards and entails a digital work of multi-layers treatment and use of different editing tools for the desired painterly aspect and pixelation. The level of editing depends on each image, as some of them have been mostly produced by camera and requires much less postproduction work. When ready for painting, each work is printed on canvas of 70x100cm (h/w) foam board of 5mm thick. Final Derivate Painting … is the final contribution to each piece for which I use different sets of brushes, fingers, cotton swabs, and airbrushes, plus Liquitex and Gel medium with all acrylic paints, by selecting the proper mix and colors combination for each high or low level of detailed or texturized areas.

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