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Space and Chromatic・Mysterious York・Walmgate Stray
Chen I-Chun

Space and Chromatic・Mysterious York・Walmgate Stray



Title: Space and Chromatic・Mysterious York・Walmgate Stray
Year Completed: 2022
Size: 41.0x31.5 cm
Technical: oil paint and Canvas

When I was studying for a master's degree in the UK, I was often unhappy because of the pressure. I met a good friend there. She is a Korean girl. She knew that I was often in a bad mood, so she often explored the vicinity of the school to see if there were any inter-esting places to take me to relax. The Walmgate Stray is a grassland next to my dormitory that I always walked across to get groceries, though I never noticed there were other paths in the bushes next to it. One day, the Korean girl told me she found a path in Walmgate Stray, through which we could walk to the city center. So, we crossed that path and walked downtown to hang out. The path is a slope. This is me standing on it and look-ing back at the Walmgate Stray. At first, I just wanted to depict the scene that impressed me deeply, but later I planned to add my own research, so I began to simplify this picture, trying to create a profound space with simple lines. For the colors, I chose orange and yel-low to depict the path, and blue and purple for the grassland. There is a very thin light blue line at the top of the painting, which is the path I usually took when walking to the supermarket. I used an eye-catching colour to accent it because it made me think that I could see myself in a different way than I used to.

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