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Kumiko Mayer
Mixed Media Artist

Kumiko Mayer

Mixed Media Artist


Painter & photographer of Light

Japanese living in California since 2010.
I am a self-taught artist who imagines and expresses from the inspiring experiences of my soul.

We are all pieces of stardust.
We have one beginning.
We are connected to the energy of the universe.

Whenever I encounter the beautiful fusion of nature and light, my heart is filled with the joy of being born on this miracle planet.
The immeasurable connection of life reminds us of the preciousness of our lives and souls that are alive here and now, and fills our hearts with gratitude.

I create my works with a deep desire that humanity will truly awaken to love and gratitude for the earth, that the symbiosis and circulation of life and the earth will continue forever, that the world will be filled with the light of true peace, and that the beautiful symphony of the earth and life will continue to be played.

2022 My painting, Light Dance, has become the book cover for the world-famous bestselling author Henry Nouwen's new book, "Flying Falling Catching by SPCK London

2021 Earth exhibition(Japanese national historic site · su kou do)
2017 ~2022 solo art show (Gallery cooan kobe Japan
2017 Asian woman art exhibition(Presidio SF )

2016-19 EWAA World Art Awards (LaGalleria Pal Mall in London)
2015 EWAA World Art Awards  Nicon Uk prize (LaGalleria Pal Mall in London)

2014-15 Solo Art Show (SF Show Place Square)
2012 EWAA World Art Award (London La Galleria Paul Mall)
2011 EWAA World Art Awards (LaGalleria Pal Mall in London) Photo Jury's Favorite Award.

2011 World paper art Competition (Pacific Art League.CA )
2010 Raw art show (111Minna gallery SF )

2010 EWAA World Art Awards [La Galleria Pal Mall in London]

2010 Moved from Japan to SF Bay Area CA

2009 Gallery Kiku (Osaka) 4th solo Exhibition
2009 Japan-France Modern Art Exhibition (Tokyo Museum)
2008 3rd solo Exhibition (Gallery art square Kobe)
2008 Japan-France Modern Art Exhibition (Tokyo Museum)
2008 Japan Acrylic Art Awards (Kobe Museum)
2007 Japan Acrylic Art Awards (Kobe Museum)
2007 2nd solo Exhibition (Gallery Tobi)

2005 Landscape painting Award (Ueno Royal Museum Tokyo)
2004 1st solo Exhibition (Musium gallery Kobe)
2004-2009 Shincho Art Association Exhibition (Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, Nagoya, Museum of Art))


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