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Sunny Day
Roxy Rich

Sunny Day



Title: Sunny Day
Year: 2021
Size: 18 x 24 x 5 inches
Technique: Oil on Canvas

Having visited the English Countryside several times, Roxy is enamoured with the Cotswolds, Corn-wall, Surrey, and the outstanding natural beauty of the landscape that is truly England from top to bot-tom. This painting is inspired by English farmland. The brilliant yellows, greens and blues are fasci-nating and awe-inspiring. As one drives through this region, one cannot help but relax. Just being there induces a feeling of overall calm and looking out over the colorful fields expands a person’s space and mind. All of the stresses seem to drain away in this Sunny Day with swirling clouds float-ing swiftly over a breezy yellow wheatfield. A drive through the countryside is truly romantic. Can you smell the fresh hay?

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