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Ship of Time Past
Marlene Luce Tremblay

Ship of Time Past



Title: Ship of Time Past
Year: 2020
Size: 121 cm X 91 cm
Technique: Photography & oil paint on canvas

Description :
When I find myself in museums admiring the art from the great masters, I am overwhelmed with that impression of timelessness and when I find myself in the natural world, I have that same sense of timelessness of beauty and harmony.

International Exhibition
M.A.D.S Art Gallery

Marlene Luce Tremblay
What is reality?

In the visual arts, the spirit of realism came into being in the positivist age when it was believed that scientific objective methods could solve or explain all human problems. This spirit was most obvious in the widespread rejection of Romantic Subjectivism and imagination, favouring instead the expression of Realism, an accurate and apparently objective description of the ordinary, observable world. Realists focused on scientific concepts of vision and studied the optical effects of light. And so with the phenomenon of light, came the development of photography to capture a reality, and provide a truthful and accurate depiction of nature and contemporary life.

But what is reality? Is it about what one sees in relation to where one stands? Is it made of layers of realities tinted by emotions felt at a particular time and place in one’s life? Is reality a product of our environment? Is it relative to our place in this world? Is reality a mental construct?

Inspired by these questions about the relativity of reality, I aim to explore other realities which might just be, for some, a fictitious world. And it is through my own lens that I let my imagination take its course and allow myself to be transported by a moment in time and its spontaneity, in exploration of other dimensions of reality and the realm of infinite possibilities.

In fusing images of the natural world, bridging the past with the present while transcending time with layers of images and colours, I surrender my inspiration to explore other dimensions of reality. I cross the boundaries between reality and imagination. I create a world of dialogue between art and the timeless beauty of the natural world to create images that expand our existing views of the world.

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