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I have been painting for over 30 years. My painting is constantly evolving to avoid compartmentalization in a single register. I don't appreciate always doing the same thing and it gives me the pleasure of creating and therefore taking the freedom to go in various directions and to include new techniques in my concept without dispersing myself. Monotony and routine are not part of my pictorial vocabulary. On the contrary, that is what inspires me. Pleasure is essential to move forward and it suits me very well. The principle is to enjoy and to feel comfortable and in adequacy with one and the same.

Exhibitions abroad
Gallery of Lavandou Lavandou
Gallery Fusehang Shanghai China
115 Nantong China
Crisolart Homage Gallery, PICASSO Barcelona
Crisolart Gallery Homage PICASSO New York
Crisolart Gallery Barcelona
Triennial Torra Branca Milan
MAG Montreux Montreux
Open Art XII Rome
Vercorin Minuscule Gallery Open Art XIII Rome Monogram Gallery Rome
Open Art XIV Rome
Gallery Thuillier Marais Paris Gallery Concept Store La Baule
Concept Store St Germain des Pres Paris
Tresart Gallery Durham- South Quebec
Carousel of the Louvre Paris
Rosso Gallery Cinabro Rome
Rosso Gallery Cinabro Rome
Tresart Gallery Durham- South Quebec
SwissArt Gallery Lausanne
SwissArt Gallery SUMMER 13 Lausanne
MADS Milano
MADS Vinci Milan Exhibition

International Talent and Professional Award 2017 at the Ritz in Madrid
Empire Metropolitan Prize 2017 at MOMA in NYC
Constanza Foundation Prize in Florence 2018
Award-winning paintings at MADS in Milan January 2019

Important exhibitions:
My quotes.

"Painting is like a refuge, a raft that takes you where your spirit guides you: Let it wander and only satisfaction and joy will come." PRrussia

“In every situation there is something positive! Look for it and move on, otherwise tomorrow you will still be here... And you can only blame yourself!” PRrussia


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