Soo Youn Kim




Title: SOUND OF MARCH 2021
Size: 31 Sheets of A6 Sketchbook (105x148cm)
Technique: Watercolor on paper / Film: 4' 20'' (1920x1080)
Year: 2021

interdisciplinary research project;
-film consisting of drawings and sound

#time #rhythm #tones #space are the relevant core concepts of my artistic investigation. It is an interdisciplinary research project that ultimately finds a correlation between time and sounds.

Time obviously flows in one direction, but also in time the repetition of the time module happens all the time. If the direction of time is shown as a line, the movement of the repetition cycle could be plotted as a circle.
If the second hand turns once, one minute has passed. If the minute hand turns once, an hour has passed. If the hour hand turns once, half a day has passed. If this is repeated again, a whole day has passed.
This double circle repetition is due to the fact that the clock circle we are used to is divided by 12. In order to keep this circular motion uniform, I drew a clock divided by 24.
The interesting thing is that this circular cycle can be found in music theory again: The so-called 'circle of fifths'.

What the sun and moon give us is not only the light of day and night, but also sunrise, sunset, moonrise and moonset. These four points in time can be converted into certain tones using the circle of fifths. Since the combination of these four moments is new every day, it also sounds different every day.
Time flows, time is audible.

For me, the change of the seasons is not just the regular circulation of nature, but rather an atmospheric gradient. The change of the seasons means a changing of the color spaces. Time flows, time is visible.

The moment of translation plays a central role in my drawings and sound arrangements.
For the series Moon Calendar 2021 I transfer the above four points in time of the sun and moon into a separate notation system and again interpret the graphic score musically.

In addition to the temporal element, space also plays an important role, and in doing so I pay attention to the numerous problems (negative or positive) that occur around the world and the places where these issues occur. The data from the sun and moon are used there.
To put the combination of sun and moon sounds together from a piece of music, I set a day to 8 seconds, so that the music is about 4 minutes for a month.

Finally, that four-minute piece of music is given the tone of a specific instrument based on the mood and color of the season. Of course, that criterion is what I recognize and I admit that others may agree, but not.
The instrument I picked for March is the acoustic guitar. March is seasonal in spring, but to name one of the reasons for wearing this ‘fall-scented’ acoustic guitar tone, there is a country that performed four times on March 31st. Considering Myanmar, where warm spring has not yet come, I chose a calm guitar tone instead of a light spring tone.

I hope you can see and hear the sound of March and feel the time and space of March.