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Flor nocturna
Isac Gres

Flor nocturna



Title: Flor nocturna
Year: 2022
Size: 24" x 36"
Technique: Oil on canvas

The painting represents a lantern which is melting by the silhouette of a woman shaping fire that light ups all the scene, in the background the plume of a peacock bordering all of them. The fire in the woman means that they are light and play an important role in the process of the man’s personality, but being looked away in the lantern shows that a lot of times don’t give them the truly value that they have. The peacock, as always keep an slender posture with their plumes it reflects the ego and manhood that is associated with these by nature and the eyes of the plumes which are empty just see the fire and don’t the woman true light.

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