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Bennio E. Walder

Bennio E. Walder



"To have something you never had, you need to do something you never did", this is Bennio E. Walder's favorite quote and the story behind it is unique.
Bennio E. Walder, originally as Bence Erdős, is an artist born in 1990 in Budapest, capital of Hungary. The Hungarian-born artist moved twenty nine times in the past eight years within four countries until he found what he has been looking for and settled in Switzerland in 2016. Bennio has a sister who lives in another part of Switzerland and a brother, Benjamin, who was born with Down Syndrom, giving Bennio insight and deep understanding when it comes to people with disabilites. Bennio explains that his brother is the most warm-hearted and kindest person you'll meet, making his brother the center of attention.
Bennio has shown deep interest in the arts early in his childhood years. He started with charcoal drawings, and also expressed himself with short poems and novels. Around 2016 he decided to mainly use acrylic paint for his art and successfully displayed his art work in five different exhibitions, where each one had a theme and selected color sheme.
In September 2019, in Lachen, Switzerland, it was "Blaue Ewige Wunder" (B.E.W.) that means "Blue Forever Wonder". In this exhibition the color blue and the water were playing the most important roles. In March 2020, in Zurich, Switzerland, it was "Blumen Energie Welt" (B.E.W.) that means "Flowers Energy World", an exhibition that showed the importance of nature and how amazing the spring can be. The colors were absolutely mixed and the flowers were the main topic. The third one, in October 2020 in Zurich, was "Bennio’s Entire World", where artworks from the past and Bennio‘s personal life were exhibited. In February 2022 in Zurich, CH, it was "Der Grosse Traum" (The Big Dream), where the most important emotions and feelings of Bennio‘s life where represented. The fifth one, in September 2022 in Zurich, was "Tessin", one of his most beloved cantons in Switzerland. Ticino (Tessin) is the Italian Canton of this beautiful country.
Bennio is currently planning to continue working mainly with acrylic on canvas but he is opening his wings also with creating sculptures as well. He is starting to build a higher reputation on the international art field and he wants people to know his thoughts and soul through his paintings and how incredibly the arts helped him with self love and peace. Bennio E. Walder's goals with his art and exhibitions are to help others creating a foundation or system to aid and support individuals struggling with addiction, since he has struggled with addiction in the past and understands the importance of support and the presence of art in this process.


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