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Love Concurs All
SA Art - Adwoa & Solomon

Love Concurs All



Title: Love Concurs All Year of execution: 2021 Size: 45.7 cm x 60.9 cm / 18" x 24" Technical data: Original acrylic painting on wooden panel. Additional information: Love Concurs All depicts Ọba. The female Orisha of marriage and domesticity, supposedly once the wife of Shango. Ọba’s themes are protection, manifestation, movement, energy, restoration, and flexibility. Her symbol is water. Ọba is the Nigerian and Santarian Goddess of rivers, which figuratively represents the flow of time and life. People often turn to her for assistance in learning how to ‘go with the flow’, or when they need to inspire some movement in sluggish projects or goals. Artist: SA Art - Adwoa & Solomon

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