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Ingo Lindmeier
Digital artist

Ingo Lindmeier

Digital artist


According to my birth certificate I was born 1969 but I never really grew up and have always remained a child. After several important stations in my apprenticeship, I dared to make the leap from media designer to what I would call today a pixel scientist in 2008 and have since been active under the name spiel-sinn. spiel-sinn is a German play on words and i think the best translation could be the sense of playing to immerse into the creative process. An extended sense somehow.

In addition to working as a freelance graphic artist and web designer, I started to deal with digital art (image processing or composing) in 2016.

Initially just out of fun and curiosity to create new realities, my know-how in the field of digital art is now also used for many customer requests. Inspired by life, I always understand my own crea-tions with a wink.

Nowadays people will most probably know the compositing art I create with Photoshop. A lot of my artworks are more surreal so you can call those works surreal compositing. This is just one of my playgrounds. I’ve been creating music for many years, drawing, graphic & web design, writing … looking backwards my whole life is a mixed media process ;-)

My partly humorous partly critical discussion should encourage you to smile and think. Word games often play a central role in this. Adobe Photoshop & Stock are my control centres. With the option of drawing directly on the screen using a Wacom Cintiq Pro 24, countless ideas are still waiting to be implemented.

I am based in the South of Germany in a little town named Lörrach close to the Swiss and French border. It’s at the foot of the beautiful Black Forrest.

With respect to creativity, I constantly dream of the freedom to create … and I am already liv-ing that dream in many of my days. Since I started working as a freelancer the creative space has changed and grown where I experience a gift of potential to develop myself.


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