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Bec Joannou




Nightfall (2020), © Bec Joannou Size: 12” x 16” Photographic composite: Photography and Digital Ar­t A Glimpse of Swevenia…. The artworks and visions presented here are just a small glimpse into a land far away… Swevenia. It is a place I know exists... An escape, where I enjoy spending my time… A realm full of wonder, with captivating characters and personalities that make me smile.... it is an enchanting land where I find myself returning time and time again… This is my happy place… I hope with these images we can all remember that magic really does exist in each of us - in our imaginations. We need to remember that some journeys can take you far from home, when you close your eyes in stillness… and just daydream! Artist: Bec Joannou

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