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Miyuki Suto

Miyuki Suto



A modern shaman drifting between the abstract and material worlds

In November 2020, she met an artist. She learned about abstract painting as a way of expressing her inner self, and she began to teach herself to paint.

She receives information from all things and places with high resolution, translates it, and expresses it.
Using this genius, she expresses her sensitivity and expresses herself through coaching sessions, abstract painting, and art workshops.
She is deeply connected to both the abstract and material worlds.

To a world that makes you want to love the fact that you were born on this earth as me.

My feelings about the painting:
It is not for anyone else. It is a work born out of the process of contacting oneself and becoming aware of life.

Through painting, the artist lets go of thoughts and reason, acknowledges impulses and accepts what is presented before her. It can be joy, sadness, a high-speed movie or simply a shape.
Through the painting, she can always meet herself. She will continue to paint only for herself.


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