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Orphans Iftar
Hacer Ercan

Orphans Iftar



Title: Orphans Iftar
Year: 2020
Size: 70 × 50 cm
Technique: Oil on canvas

The story of the artwork: Ramadan! It is a very special month for us Muslims. Time of fasting and workship. In the evening, iftar, tarawih prayer and sahur with plenty of guests (priority for the poor) at elaborate tables. How beautiful is Ramadan. We sit right at the table and the news on TV… we see the image in this picture every Ramadan. Again, a place is bombed in the middle east, again the children are left without a father, mother, and homeless! A great pain in us, tears in our eyes. We experience this every Ramadan. The orphans are having fast breaking even though they are not seen in this picture. Some of the orphans have no arms, some do not. Blood moon behind. Here is the ORPHANS IFTAR.

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