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Eric Laurent

Eric Laurent



Eric Laurent is a French artist born in 1961. He took the fine arts courses; he thus trained in drawing, sculpture and photography, but he is self-taught in watercolour, although he breaks certain rules!
Influenced by Turner, he quickly stood out for his style.
In light and water, the art of Eric Laurent suggests, evokes but never copies nature. For him, it is a freedom, a game of provoked and controlled chances that allows him to be everything, both expressive and casual, sometimes leading him towards abstraction. He first seeks to create emotions, atmospheres through colourful and vibrant spots.
For the past few years, Éric Laurent has been working with oil on canvas, giving his career a new dimension.
He has won numerous prizes in various salons in France, as well as abroad, he is also pre-sent in galleries during personal exhibitions or on a permanent basis.


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