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Antonio Ramirez Moraleda

Antonio Ramirez Moraleda



Antonio Ramirez Moraleda lives in Granada, Spain.
He graduated in Pharmacy from the Faculty of Pharmacy. University of Granada in 2000.
He followed a PhD programme in Human Nutrition at the Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Granada in 2005/2006.
He obtained a diploma in Human Nutrition and Dietetics at the Alfonso X el Sabio University in Madrid in 2010/2012.
He is currently in private practice as a nutritionist at a clinic he owns.
His passion for painting began in childhood as a vehicle for expressing emotions, where he felt that with any other form of expression he was unable to release all the emotional charge he carried within him and overflowed.
For many years without painting, focused on his health profession and the education of his children, it was in recent times, during the 2020 pandemic, that he again felt the urge to capture in his paintings all that maturity and lived experiences evoked, that seesaw of conflicting emotions that needed an outlet.
This is where he began his most prolific work receiving private painting lessons. A versa-tile artist who moves between different techniques, moving from the exciting art of manipulating acrylic and watercolour to the elegant use of gouche or Indian ink.
Aware and letting himself go, he observes with his eyes, moves in portraits, seduces with his hands and in cities finds abstraction, feeling to raise the intensity of the emotion he wants to convey.
The work presented by Antonio Ramirez Moraleda is essential in form and colour: a neutral background and black lines with a kind of bright yellow stain. The protagonist of this work is a face depicted in the moment of a scream. The face expresses the character's anger, despair and crisis.


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