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Cora Smith

Cora Smith



Cora smith is a 21 year old, Latina artist located deep in the heart of Texas, USA.
She describes her style of art as “Abstract Realism”, and her art motto is “You are Powerful. You are Worthy. You are Priceless”. She aims to uplift her audience with her work, and help remind people that, no matter how negative life can be. There is always love, there is always light, posi-tivity, and beauty within this world.

At the age of 5 years old, Cora attended local art classes. She fell in love with painting, and be-ing a shy child, she communicated her emotions through colors when she sketched or painted.

At the age of 10, her late art teacher Ellie Porrier, passed away, leaving Cora and the rest of the students in great grief. Cora then became a self taught artist, and won a couple of local art shows, but she still wanted a teacher again, and prayed for one. Then with her prayer being an-swered, she attended the Milan Art Institute at the age 18, and graduated at 19. Her instructor’s name being Elli Milan.

She now at age 21, sells professionally, and is touching many people’s hearts with her art. Her goal is to run a successful art business, continue selling internationally, and to continue uplifting her audience through her paintings.


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