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Jawwala III
Pamela Chrabieh

Jawwala III



Title: Jawwala III
Year: 2022
Size: 4000 x 4000 px
Technique: Integrated (phygital) Iconography

Jawwala is a series of archetypes that represent subjectivity reconstructions as contingent and provisional while interconnecting with past experiences and belongings, in which people create/recreate their sense of identity through kaleidoscopic encounters and ever-changing situations and apparatuses. The renewal of the self is depicted as disturbed by fixity and longing for it through stylized gazes channeling the visible to the invisible. A va-et-vient between the sacred and the profane, and the incarnation of “what is already here and not yet”, are symbolized by the intricate mix of layers in faces, Mandelbrot sets, exuberant foliage (referring to cosmogonical and eschatological paradise), and nested structures and halos. Traditional iconography colors are used such as green (physical nature, eternal renovation, hope), black (renunciation, abandonment), purple (glory, power), red (life-giving energy), gold (sanctity, splendor, divine nature) and white (wholeness, transfiguration). Integrated (phygital) iconography combines traditional techniques of Levantine iconography with concept art, and is an intricate process of digital transformation of physical icons’ writing.

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