Erika Nojiri




Title: Statesperson

Year: 2018

Size: 606x803mm

Technique: Oil color, pencil, gold dust on canvas

Description: I drew the scene where a person with a prominent position is suffering from the consequences of what he did. In 2018, I worked for a small local television production company. It was a so-called black company that forces its employees to work unfairly. Harassment of staff happened on a daily basis.
The boss would often order us to stop working and order an employee he would want to mistreat to stand up. He would then yell at him for several hours. I think this happened about 5 times a month on average. As a result, we often overworked and the quality of our products deteriorated. Because of the bad habits, company performance continued to deteriorate and the boss became increasingly frustrated. What surprised me was that he said he didn't know the cause. When I was the target of bullying, I told him to change his bad habits. He was depressed for a whole day, but he didn't change his behavior.
From this experience, I expressed the absurdity of suffering from the consequences caused by human arrogance. The message is that all your actions, good or bad, will come back to you.
Currently, cats were created to represent myself, but in 2018 they represented a variety of humanity. I live in the country and stray cats that keep crying at night or invade warehouses are not welcome. They are actually lonely and I chose these stray cats as a reason.
I wrote "No" with Hiragana in the blank spaces on the gold surfaces. I used the simple word that seemed to refuse to accept my son's misdeeds.
I was studying the balance between the elements of characters and images in 2018. The characters have legible shapes, but they gradually change to break up. "The Strategy Conference" was painted in 2020. Its characters became symbols that almost people couldn't read.