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Youso Park

Youso Park



People are strong and tough, yet fragile. People have the power to explosively leave astonish-ing achievements, but they are just a tiny invisible speck in the eye of the universe. People can be delicate, yet dull, rough, but lovely, masculine, but at the same time feminine. People look calm and peaceful on the surface, but their hearts may be full of holes and wounds. People may be so ignorant even with so much knowledge accumulated in their head.
We just cannot stop hurting each other while we want to deliver warmth to each other. We are capable of learning patience and endurance, but basically long to pursue pleasures. Not unlike youthful people like us, old people with face rut with deep wrinkles are still someone’s dear children and still keep going on in their lives with a child's heart within them. We long for ever-lasting youth and life, but everyone goes back to nature’s bosom in time.
Humans are made of all of these things. This is life. This is us. This is who we are at present. Therefore, life should not be measured or defined with a couple of limited criteria.
Yes, life is very complex, I think. If I want to summarize life in reports and a lot of thesis docu-ments, the height will be over the height of an adult.
Great love will keep us alive and sustain us, but hatred and contempt will push us toward death progressively.
There are many different sides to the world, and I have discovered the contradictions of things among familiar things. I just began drawing in order to find and see the direction, rather than looking at the destination and final point, and to grasp and learn the other sides and aspects of the world through drawings.


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