Special dishes
Jing Qiu

Special dishes



Title: Special dishes
Year: 2020
Size: 1'15''

The inspiration for this project came from my good friend’s mother who committed suicide due to mental illness in 2018. When this sad news happened in my life, I began to pay attention to and understand the suicide rate caused by mental illness. I want more people to correctly understand the feelings and effects of these diseases. In my hypothetical absurd space, I use a non-patient perspective to experience the emotions of bipolar patients through meals, and after the experience, let go of the story of prejudice to the patient. At the same time, it also used the way of serving food to satirize the phenomenon that some people on the Internet use mental illness to consume patients. The overall style is absurd, painful, and reflective. The way to interact with the viewer is through video. The viewer thinks whether he has ever been the perpetrator in the picture, have you ever spoken harshly to the patient? whether he has changed his prejudice after experiencing the patient's feelings in this hypothetical space?