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Béatrice Bartosch

Béatrice Bartosch



My name is Béatrice Bartosch and I am an abstract artist from Vienna, Austria. I am not only very passionate about art, but I live it.
I am doing art since I was little. Since my young teenage years, about ten years ago, I already knew that I wanted to do art forever as a matter of giving my feelings more space to live.
For me, art is a means of expressing my feelings and letting my subconscious live. In fact, with art I can act out my feelings and my creativity in a colourful way. More importantly, it gives me the feeling of freedom. Moreover, I want to share all these feelings with the whole world and show that it is totally normal and fine to give free rein to all your feelings, no matter how you feel, because living feelings, liberates.
My abstract acrylic paintings are colourful, playful and energetic and are a real representation of my greatest feelings not only towards other people but especially to myself.
Art is not only a means of personal expression but a lifestyle!


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