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The forgotten memory
Mona Hosseini

The forgotten memory



Title: The forgotten memory
Year Completed: 2023
Size: 24x36cm
Technical: Acrylic on Canvas

Art to Mona is the ability to "just being flow in your mind where exactly you belong and exist to see and seek the same reaction from outside". Mona's characters are impactful. Their forms, their fractured faces remain imprinted in the while and stimulate reflection. Every detail in Mona's works is important to the characterization. The subjects are thought of and depicted as needing to be loved. Mona's art for this is primal and universal, appeal-ing to one of the main needs of human beings, and because of this, the images provoke a profound impact with the viewer's soul. A recent scientific discovery, which has been greatly reflected in art, concerns the presence of neurons in the brain that are responsible for empathy, they are called mirror neurons. Mona knows how to communicate with that corner of the human mind that creates and makes people physically feel empathy. Mona's characters look at us, this causes a shock, they are perturbing and inspiring. They tell their story and communicate with us at the same time. In cinema, this kind of communication is called breaking through the fourth wall. Mona's art belongs to a universe that is created at the meeting point between the figurative and the abstract. Her art is authentic, recognizable, and represents her way of thinking; the viewer looks into the artist's soul, her worldview, and recognizes herself in it in a similar but different, natural and complementary way. On the other hand, the figures created by the artist have a connection with reality but are detached from it, living in an alternative reality made of vivid colors and alternative, well-contoured and well-marked forms, reminiscent of Gauguin's "Cloisonnisme."

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