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Halyna Mur

Halyna Mur



About Halyna Mur
My name is Halyna Mur, I am a Ukrainian artist, I love art and everything related to it. I started drawing from early childhood.
Currently, I am living in Poland and decided to continue my creative activity in this country. Funny thing, my paintings began to travel around Europe earlier than I did. My pictures are in private collections in Austria, Germany, Finland, Italy, Latvia, and of course Poland.
I want to tell you about my feelings and show my works to the World!
I am often asked what influenced the creation of this or that picture?
Even though I mainly create my paintings in the fantasy genre, and the images of the heroines are fictional, they are still taken from my life. My stories are about femininity, about feelings. About the beautiful nudity of a woman's body, about character traits, about favorite books from childhood, about a wonderful dream so sweet that you don't want to get out of bed, about the mystery of motherhood, the past experience, and thirst for love …

- The Grekov Odessa Art school in 2005-2010
- Drawing on granite stone in 2011-2012.

12 October 2012 - 64th regional exhibition «Fine and decorative art» (Ukraine);
December 2012 - «Christmas miracle» (Ukraine);
July 2013 - «T.G. Shevchenko in folk art» (Ukraine);
2014-2016 – City art exhibitions «HobbyFEST» (Ukraine);
23 March 2016 – online competition «7 sins» (Russia).
9 February 2018 « Vernisazh». Select «Animals and people» (Russia).

Prize-winning places:
23.01.2021-11.02.2021 (Ukraine)
The painting "Girl with the Horse" is the winner. in
III All-Ukrainian art competition. "On the wings of a dream." Took 1st place!
05.02.2021-25.03.2021 (United Kingdom) "Golden Time" art competition.
Season 20
"Girl with the Horse" is the winner. in competition. Took 1st place!" Motherhood"& "Madonna and Child" is the winner. in competition. Took 2nd place!
"Ecstasy " is the winner. in competition. Took 1st place!


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