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Hiroki Yamamoto

Hiroki Yamamoto



2003 Graduated from Musashino Art University, Faculty of Art and Design, Department
of Oil Painting
○ Solo exhibition / special exhibition
2002.7 "Photo x Painting" Solo exhibition (Nakano Zero Hall General Exhibition Room)
2003.3 "Graduation Production Exhibition" (Musashino Art University)
2003.6 "Fruit Operation" Solo exhibition(Fuchu Gallery Pirka)
2004.5 "Hiroki Yamamoto Exhibition" Solo Exhibition (Ginza Futaba Gallery) gallery
2005.10 "Hiroki Yamamoto Exhibition -WORLD SMALL-" Solo Exhibition (Ginza Futaba
2005.11 "Yamamoto Hiroki Exhibition" Solo Exhibition (Yokohama Bashamichi Kitanaka
WHITE 404 Room-Polonium-)
2006.7 "Hiroki Yamamoto / Hitofumi Abe Exhibition" Gallery Expo (Ginza Futaba Gallery)
gallery expects re-presentation
2007.7 "Hiroki Yamamoto Exhibition Elephant + Stamp" Solo Exhibition (Ginza Futaba
2007.12 "Futaba gallery year-end small piece exhibition"( Ginza Futaba gallery)
2008.1 "Food and Goodwill Street" BankART 1929 Special Exhibition (Yokohama Kannai
Poz Dining Bar)
2008.3 "Yamamoto Hiroki Exhibition" VISEE (beauty salon) planning solo exhibition (Ginza
2008.9 "Futaba Gallery" formed with Nozomi Watanabe and unit "Urogaba Tough"(Ginza
Futaba Gallery)
2008.10 "Hiroki Yamamoto Exhibition Beyond the Cage Fountain" Solo Exhibition (Ginza
Gallery 58)
2009.2 "micro-macro" gallery special exhibition (Ginza Futaba gallery) Message from
2009.9 "Frayed hair is a thread" Gallery planning solo exhibition( Oizumi Nroom artspace)
2016.9 "Trace mystery Hiroki Yamamoto solo exhibition" Gallery planning solo exhibition
Atsushi Sasaki + Arazal planning exhibition (Shinjuku Ophthalmology Gallery )
○ Planning, projects, performances, etc.


2005.5-2006.10 "Polonium 84" representative open space, experimental studio (Yoko-hama
Bashamichi) Exhibition planning / curation / public production exhibition for about one and
a half years in Room 404 in Kitanaka WHITE
2006.11 "Meiri Ishida Jewelry & Object Exhibition" Akari Ishida Jewelery Exhibition
(Omotesando) Simultaneous exhibition of photo collaboration works
2003.6 "Tokyo Pocket" Deputy Representative, Planning Participation Art Project
Ukimafunado Waste Corrugated Cardboard Factory
2004.5- "Polonium" Editor-in-chief, art free paper magazine production, No. 1-5, pub-lished
2008.3-2009.6, Futaba gallery staff planning and curation in general
2014.1 Ensemble for Experimental Music and Theater His Concert | Participated in the 4th
Independent Performance as a Performer
○ Group exhibition
2001.8 "Multi-tenant building exhibition" 13-person exhibition (Setagaya Museum of Art
General Exhibition Room)
2001.10 "Hiroki Yamamoto Exhibition" Musashino Art University School Festival
2001.12 "Three-person exhibition" Three-person exhibition (Shibuya Art Cube venue)
2002.6 "Straw x Other Special Exhibition" 15-person exhibition (Waseda University Stu-dent
2011.4 "Plane and Merihari Exhibition" 5-person exhibition (Shinjuku Ophthalmology


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