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Deep Down Dark
Brígh Strawbridge

Deep Down Dark



Deep Down Dark (No.1 Sea Series, Oil on Canvas) - 80 x 60 cm - (without the use of white spirits or harsh solvents) This piece is part of a series of oil paintings all inspired by the sea. Each painting focuses on the feeling of being immersed in the flowing waters as well as visually representing the subject. The deep blues and greens are contrasted by the softer whites as the composition takes place on the surface of the canvas. The artist is an avid sea swimmer and takes much of her inspiration for her artwork from the nature, wildlife and folklore that surround her on the island of Ireland. The sea is an ever changing source of inspiration and likewise the emotions and responses experienced within the sea are ever changing and can range from calm stillness to invigorating energy. Artist: Brígh Strawbridge

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