Catherine Lawlor

Catherine Lawlor



I am Catherine Lawlor an Abstract Expressionist Painter born in Melbourne Australia and now living on the magnificent Mornington Peninsula.
As a Mother , Grandmother, Nurse and Educator my Art has always been a respite from a hectic, busy life transporting me to the meditative joy of creation and expression. The highs and lows of life have provided a rich tapestry to draw upon for my art, evolving into my bold signature style.
My formal studies were at RMIT , Melbourne where I was tutored by world class artists , challenged and inspired to move from the formal drawing classes to large scale abstract expressionist pieces.
Completing a Diploma in Visual Arts and A Bachelor of Fine Arts I relished five incredible years of study at an innovative creative University.

My process of creation starts with meditation to find a heightened state of awareness and focused attention.
My canvas or paper is placed on the floor where I can move freely around in a dance of movement splashing, spraying and throwing ink and acrylic paint . There is no planning but a direct method of application with gestural movements and performance , moving fast , intuitively and creating a symphony of colours and a balanced composition.
Several layers and mediums are applied and allowed to blend and bleed into each other by moving the canvas around , using water sprays and a hairdryer to create my piece. I favour acrylic and watercolour paints, inks and pen.
After my works dry they form a foundation for often very detailed fine drawings.
Through layered additions ,I work to create a harmonious composition, reflecting a strong feminine energy juxtaposed with vibrant , colourful and joyful images.
I am greatly influenced by my Irish heritage and use of Celtic symbols to represent Family , Eternal Love, Friendship, Life , Strength and Female power to name a few.
As a Painter I bring my life experiences into my art wanting the viewer to immerse in the depths of my compositions and share my positive energy through gestural mark- making and the impression of spontaneity.

I love that my viewers can escape into a realm of colours, light , form , shapes and movements to find an expression of total freedom. To be immersed in a space of joy through the healing power of Art.