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Hanna Maarit Jauhiainen

Hanna Maarit Jauhiainen



My life journey so far…
My life as an artist is divided into two different periods: before and after I realized that my time is limited. I have drawn actively since I was a child. My childhood family supported me, by seeing to that I had a big roll of drawing paper in my room, a lot of colours and paints and an easel. I al-ways knew that I wanted to be an artist. I studied actively, I went to an art-friendly school and in my spare time I frequented various art clubs. I got to used to going to museums.
With my own family and work, painting started to play a minor role in my life. I have, however, had three exhibitions of my own in Helsinki and taken part in two group exhibitions. I studied, for example, more landscape and watercolour painting at the Free Art School. After that there was a pause in my activities that lasted for many years.
In 2018 I started to make sketches again and look for my own expression and voice. In 2019, I was diagnosed with an aggressive breast cancer. That made me reevaluate what I wanted to dedicate the rest of my life to. Now I am 52 years of age. I hope to live to be a hundred! Recovery from cancer concretely reminded me of fulfilling my own dreams. I went back to my roots, and nothing could stop me from making art daily. I live and breathe what I was born to do.
What I am trying to express are the stories behind the paintings. Hope, compassion and life’s sen-sitivity are focal points in my work. My paintings are small and invite a closer inspection. I have always found watercolour technique to be thrilling and challenging. You may think that you can control it but it always finds its own ways. - And that makes watercolours, art and life so unique and wonderful.

I am curious to observe our everyday life, resilience and emotions.
The spirit of my art is very humble. It respects silence and this moment.
I hope that my paintings bring joy and comfort.


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