Seek Thirst
Sanaz Mousavi Dillard

Seek Thirst



Title: Seek Thirst
Size: 24x30 inches
Technique: Acrylic on stretched canvas

Inspired by feelings women and their oppression! The cover on the eyes suggests the Islamic limitations for a female and how they end up identifying with someone they are not. This pressure can impact one's ability to be authentic. It always reminds me of looking at someone's eyes behind the bars. Specifically, women in Iran are conflicted in an Islamic society where they are not freely choosing to wear hijab and they are rather forced by the government to do so. This painting also a good portrait of women and girls of Afghanistan and it reminds me of their current situation with suppressed dreams and unreachable freedom. Persian culture has been rich with literature, freedom, art, and beautiful gardens—I have tried to recreate this theme with shades of Persian blue and black to imply power. This painting can be hung in either orientation since the girl is rooted as a tree and the hair can also be seen as soft flower petals, if you flip the painting upside down.