Cry of pain (day)
Anastasiya Zaitseva

Cry of pain (day)



Title: Cry of pain (day)
Year: 2021
Size: 60x80cm
Technique: canvas on a stretcher, acrylic paint and luminescent acrylic paint

This artwork has two faces at once. During the day, you will be able to observe the image of a sobbing woman spilling out her pain. But with the onset of darkness, a new face of the painting will open. The silence of the stars, the calmness of the glare of the water and wings that can carry away all the hardships that weighed before.The painting is made using fluorescent acrylic paint, non-toxic, and does not contain phosphorus. The luminous layer is charged from daylight, white light of any lighting devices and ultraviolet lamps. The longer the picture is charged, the longer it will glow in the dark with gradual fading (a maximum of several hours).