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Malmequer's free spirit
Kati Korhola

Malmequer's free spirit



Title: Malmequer's free spirit
Year: 2021
Size: 80cm x 100cm
Technical data: acrylic and mixed media (pen and carbon)

"A few years ago I met this gorgeous, bold and very big stallion - Malmequer. I hadn't seen such a golden and beautiful horse before and therefore he wasn't like any other. He was something else, very unique. This stallion followed me curiously and walked very proudly alongside me and made a very deep impression on me. Then this winter I heard that this young Malmequer had suddenly passed away. I knew then I needed to make this painting. I also felt that I didn't choose the colors but the colors chose me. There are a lot of strong colors but also a lot of big emotions in it. Now Malmequer is running wild and free. I'm very happy about the result."

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