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Dasha Grechaninova
Digital Artist

Dasha Grechaninova

Digital Artist


My name is Daria (Dasha for friends). I was born in Russia, now living in Vienna. My passions are art, creativity and emotions. I am a dreamer and have always created images in my head, moved into other worlds and lived other roles. Literature has helped me develop this skill even more. Until four-teen years old, I attended art studio and art school. Then I was engaged in fashion and sewing. The next seven or eight years were stagnation without creativity. I studied to be a teacher but still kept rushing to my dream to be an artist, BUT I did not know HOW. How to show myself. I was con-fused.

One day I caught on to the emotions that completely engulfed my consciousness and forced myself to sit down at a piece of paper, having a couple of pencils at hand. I drew a girl. I have always liked women’s body.
This is art.
Beauty created by nature.

Slowly I moved into digital art and continued to draw different women trying new techniques that were founded in the halls of imagination. Then I thought that it would be nice to mix them with classi-cal school. With each new work, I heard more and more words: “It’s you”. At first I was refusing saying, “It’s just an impersonal form. The flow of imagination.” The way I draw is always random. It is like the wind. But the further I got away from classical art, the more I realized that YES. This is me. But not only with similarities in my appearance.
All the joys and sorrows I poured out using my “language”, using what I consider beautiful – femi-ninity, tenderness and sexuality. I save my soul with art.
To stay chill
Positive. And more confident. Acceptance.


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