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The Galactic Eye

The Galactic Eye



Title: The Galactic Eye
Year: 2021
Size: 48’’ X 30’’
Technique: Wooden panel- I used oil paint in this artwork.
Description: The story behind the making of this painting. We were at a restaurant that night. It
was a Friday night. That was the first time the bars and restaurants were opening during the pandemic situation with the rules of six ft distancing and mask while entering and ordering and in common areas. Ohhh forgot to mention we mean me and Graham. When we entered the bar the waitress showed us one table. We ordered our food and drink and we were talking about our previous work “The Eye'' with four different skin colors. Then suddenly we started thinking about making a big one with texture and we will keep an eye on our art. So I said that this time I will do
the center and you will do the outer arena or background. When we started the project, we also had some common broad topics. For example, the eye, the painting has to be super trippy, there has to be some component of the galaxy, black hole, human nature. We also considered the fact that we will independently do our area of the canvas and keep each other posted on the progress. Individually, we think differently and our perceptions are different, we both say do whatever you want to do, you do it in your particular area. We can choose any color, any texture but it has to be in our area. When I saw this painting complete, I felt, if I don’t tell the story behind the making of this painting then anyone might think that it’s a creation by one person. We made it together to bring out the beauty of art and how it can connect, unify two completely different people with different backgrounds. This is not just an artwork made by two individuals, deep down the process tells something else. I don’t have enough writing skills to bring that internal meaning to this art-making process. When two different individuals can get united in their way without creating any
conflict between them to finish up a common goal and that goal is a question; how to create something beautiful, interesting? Now the painting is finished. When I am looking into the painting, I am just thinking about the process of how we ended up creating this entire thing. This is the biggest canvas we have done so far. The end product says that we are unique in our way
and when two different characters or thoughts fuse, it creates a unique thing altogether, which is unique but tells the story of how it became unique. We only will be able to find out why someone is unique if we look deeper and the origin. We discriminated based on race, color, economy. In this entire project we both reinforced each other about just one thing: take your time and do whatever you want to do on the canvas in your area. Just go for it, considering the broad concepts we discussed earlier. When I see the painting as a whole, it's just the unification of two different people, two different thoughts. Unity in diversity, beautification in diversity.

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