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Sundus Alibrahim

Sundus Alibrahim



Sundus Al Ibrahim is an international artist and teacher, certified by IPAT (International Porcelain Artists and Teachers). She has participated in many international exhibitions in Italy, Canada, Germany, England, Lebanon and Saudi Arabia. Sundus is a multiple award-winning artist with the following achievements: \t The Jury’s Choice Award at the Canadian Embassy in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia-2001 \t Two Bronze awards at the Meissen Troupe in Dresden, Germany-2001 \t The Exhibition of Fine Arts – Porcelain bronze Award in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia-2002 \t Convention Azzurra award, Centro Cingressi Ville ponti, Milan, Italy-2013 The work of Sundus is variegated in style, techniques and shapes, her choices of colors and subjects are wide, while her meticulous attention to details is apparent, and the effort to create the pieces is obvious to the viewer. She also experiments with the mixture of the real and surreal in her lines and depictions of women. Her dedication to art will continue to take her all over the world. Concept and Style Sundus Alibrahim is a contemporary figurative painter who works in Dubai and Riyadh. Her colorful paintings and distinctive personal style emanate energy and spontaneity, it expresses the vibrant spirit and atmosphere of the expressionist movement. Portraits by Sundus immediately attract attention with their charisma, dynamism and wit. Active colors, uneven layers, fragmental bodies, sketchy lines and unconventional mixture of techniques and materials are the painter’s typical expressive means. The rebellious styles of Basquiat, Willem de Kooning, Warhol are named among her sources of inspiration. Sundus sees art as a way to experiment and explore the unknown: both the inner personality of her models and of her own state of mind. For her, art serves not only to depict the reality but also to subjectively rethink it, open a dialogue, express personal associations, and find new meanings.
From classical art to the world of nfts. Her journey from traditional porcelain painting to creating for the future, in the age of disruption.
A figurative painter who works in Dubai and Riyadh. Pop culture and the urban environment allow her to turn her artistic point of view, making her move elegantly between the classic universe and the modern and contemporary one Her colorful paintings and distinctive personal style emanates energy and spontaneity and expresses the vibrant spirit and atmosphere of the expressionist movement.
Sundus art encouraging dialogue, for bridging communities, and allowing us to form true connections with people near and far.
Sundus NFT project focused on creating a positive platform through memorable experiences between powerful women symbolizing traditions, building connections & resources.


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