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Angela Thouless

Angela Thouless



Graduating in 2000 with a Diploma/Masters in Art & Design I have exhibited my artwork across the UK and further afield. In 2015 my paintings were featured at Het Kunstenaarsbal (Amsterdam Cultural Festival). Moving from painting large scale street art inspired canvases to walls, my Tribe All artwork began as an idea for a workshop painting on old spray cans which would have otherwise been thrown away. In 2019 these paintings developed into my unisex urban t-shirt brand Tribe All. Both the artwork and the t-shirts celebrate and promote the diverse cultures of the world motivated by my love of street art and culture. Inspired by tribes, tribal gods and ritual masks, the non-naturalistic yet highly stylised form, I feel, really embodies powerful and highly expressive imagery. My artwork has been featured in Elle Decoration, 3 editions of House & Garden and this month's Red magazine. Last month her work was showcased at the very first National Social Media Awards in London.
Future ventures in February 2022 include taking part in Event Savo’ which will be opening Milan Fashion Week where Tribe All will be paraded as ‘New Talent’.
In 2018 I won Top Artist at the Aberdeen Fashion, Art and Awards.
2019 Top Graffiti Artists Of The Year 2019 – Arts, Media and Fashion Award - Aberdeen Fashion Week.
In 2021 I received a Recognition For Contemporary Art award at the Aberdeen Fashion, Art, Media Awards.


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