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Attika Dahri

Attika Dahri



I was born on Friday, October 13, 1978, the second in a family of four children. Daughter of a Belgian mother and an Algerian father, I grew up in two cultures.
First in a village called Wijnegem, in the province of Antwerp, to finally come home in Brussels, after a stopover in the beautiful city of Ghent, where I lived for eight years.
A mix of cultures makes me who I am today.
A well-behaved child, a rather normal teenager with a creative side to finally become a sensitive woman with a touch of serene madness. Words, dance, colors and music are at the center of my life. I experiment with them to express myself and above all to feel good.
My emotions and the stories of others touch and inspire me. Faces move me, especially those of older women. My heart guides me in everything I create. Colors dominate in my works, both in my painting and in my collages. This variety of colors make that I transmit my energy to the world.
‘…when everything changes, when nothing seems right or wrong, that is where it all begins….’


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