Rody Sakr




Title: “Negligence " Size: 101x152 cm Technique: Acrylic on canvas On August 1st 2020, I lost Elie, my childhood best friend, to an accident. On August 4th 2020, what was described as the biggest non-nuclear explosion hit the port of Beirut, the capital of my home country. These two tragic events were devastating, and I had no place to run other than my art. Coincidentally, three weeks before his death, Elie made a painting of what he thought was “old Beirut”. In his painting, he drew what felt like a replica of the scene in the Beirut port post-explosion. With that in mind, I dove into the painting and released all the pain, anger, sadness, confusion. In this piece, the soap bubbles represent the vulnerability of life, the explosion itself is portrayed in red color for the blood lost, the ruins of the destructed city are depicted along with the perished souls, and an angel is watching over it all from above. This painting provided me with relief, it was a form of medication that I proudly present as a tribute to Elie. Artist: Rody Sakr