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Consumed by Toxic Habits

Consumed by Toxic Habits



Title: Consumed by Toxic Habits
Year Completed: 2023
Size: 4k
Technical: digital art

Toxic habits can be like a hungry beast, gnawing away at the core of a person until there's nothing left but a shell. They start as small seeds, planted deep within the psyche, but they grow and grow until they consume everything in their path. The creative spark that once burned bright within the person flickers and fades, replaced by a dull ache and a constant need for more. As they spiral down into the depths of their addiction, they be-come lost in a haze of pain and longing, unable to see the world around them for what it truly is. Their creativity withers and dies, smothered by the suffocating weight of their tox-ic habits. Only by breaking free from the grip of addiction can they hope to find their way back to the light and reclaim their artistic spirit.

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