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Maria Rebeca Capriles-Heller

Maria Rebeca Capriles-Heller



Maria Rebeca Capriles-Heller was born in Caracas (Venezuela). Since early years, she was good at drawing portraits. At the age of 19, she started studies of architecture at Madrid university. Although she earned her leaving as a sales woman, she was always loyal to painting and took part in different paint/drawing courses in London. Since 2008 she started to paint with oil under Sabine Fleischmann as well as in acryl under the direction of Gaby Dotter. At the moment she taking art lessons at the Academy of arts in Esslingen.
She has got the great chance to take part at the FOCUS ART FAIR in Carrousel du Louvre which brought her many new chances and contact with great artists.

2021 June: the "New• exhibition Leonberg
2021 July: Spring I Gelslingen
2021 August - October 30: Four Seasons/Schluchsee 2022 November 1-January 29: Portraits Hotel Vier Jahreszelten
2022 March Art fair Slndelflngen
2022 July-September: KunstmiJlle Rechberghausen 2022 September 1-4: Carrousell de Louvre, Paris 2022 November-December: M.A.D.S. Art Gallery, Milan

"The art moves me! I paint and write what excites me. My art, both in words and images, is shaped and influenced by a wide variety of topics and life experiences, with the aim of expressing my feelings."

Maria Rebeca has a complete and refined style: her inspiration is the world around her, especially the nature then landscapes, animals, vegetation and the human being caught in the scenes of life, She feels the need to portray the emotional essence as well as the simple materiality. Her dexterity and the rendering of her paintings can be traced back to a kind of impressionist painting: the features are few, the vivid colors come together harmoniously and fade creating the impression of what she is portraying. The delicacy of the tones, of the touches on the canvas, the evanescence of the strokes make us go beyond what we see and open us to the sensations we perceive looking at the image: a sense of tenderness, of questioning about life, of infinity. Maria Rebeca is very sensitive and attentive to what is in heaven behind the normality of things. She wants to tell about emotions through art.