EVOLVE II “Evolve or repeat, pick up your choice”
Leumas Roa

EVOLVE II “Evolve or repeat, pick up your choice”



Title: EVOLVE II “Evolve or repeat, pick up your choice”
Year: 2021
Size: 60 x 80 cm
Technique: painted on wood and acrylics

To evolve is to get out of one's own security, from the comfort zone in life as well as in art; is to realize that the walls that we initially raised to protect ourselves have at a certain point become our own prison, certainly safe but without vitality, without creativity, where we always do the same things, where boredom reigns ... in short, the philosophy of "consume, keep quiet ... and die"
This work wants to express the very instant in which we realize this possibility of freeing ourselves from this pattern: the man who screams and swears, on the ground with his hand raised as a symbol of protest and the will to react. While his heart comes out of his chest, the new reality, the new horizon, the new boundaries to be explored are revealed from the outside, represented with the silhouette of a dove looking at the man as if to show him to follow it: it is his creativity that take flight! Everything is shaped by movement and explosions of colors: the world, at least his own, began to evolve after having hit rock bottom.